Accidents don’t happen. They are caused.

The Norse times were courageous times, but also bloody times. Fortunately time has passed. Today HSEQ reigns supreme on our list of priorities. We work with health, environment and safety on the same dedicated level as other activities, within the company and outside.

People are our most important resources. Their health is of significant importance to their efficiency and development. By giving our environment and safety the same high priority as production and economics, we prevent accidents and health damages, and create job satisfaction. It is profitable and above all, ethically correct. We also make a point of choosing suppliers with an Ethics Certificate.

Our management leads the way in HSE, constantly with the firm knowledge that all accidents can be avoided.

HSE objectives

  • Zero injuries
  • Zero fires
  • Zero sick leaves caused by the work environment
  • Zero damage to the environment caused by Norse activities

Quality policy

Quality is hard work. No short cuts. In order to improve quality we need to understand our customers’ needs and demands. Our obligation to quality is constant.

Our services and strategy shall ensure a quality of performed work that fully satisfies customer requirements. Norse shall have a market-driven product that contributes to increased value for our customers.

Through pro-active and preventive measures we will ensure the relentless participation of all employees across departments in a continuous improvement of quality related to products, services and processes.

We are dedicated to:

  • Delivering competitive products and services on time to our customers and meet their expectations.
  • Norse has a consistent quality philosophy, where the fulfillment of customer needs comes first.
  • At Norse quality maintenance and quality improvement is a part of everyone`s work performance.
  • Norse provides appropriate arrangements for everyone to contribute in a meaningful way and takes pleasure in their work.
  • Responsibility for this being a reality lies with the management, whom at any time gives clear signals that quality is a priority.
  • Norse commits at any time to satisfy applicable laws and regulations that affect the quality of products and processes.

This policy means that all employees understand who their customers are and what their expectations are, and that the delivery meets their expectations. All requirements are continuously evaluated, implemented and improved in order to meet changes in customer expectations.