Focusing on the defence industry

In the same way as our ancestors, we constantly seek new goals and horizons. Our attention has been drawn to the defence industry. Not because we have all the answers or plan to revolutionize it, but because we have the expertise, the security systems and last but not least, the equipment to deliver precision down to the smallest detail.

Machining & welding

Our machining and welding capacity is ensured by cutting edge and diversified machining equipment.

Our machine shop for larger components includes a WFL Millturn M120 (Max Ø 1200 mm x L 5000 mm), a WFL Millturn M65 (Max Ø650 mm x L 4000 mm), a Vansdorf TOS 2,5 x 2 m rotary table with a maximum weight capacity of 16 tons, and a Youji vertical lathe handling dimensions up to Ø 2,7 m x 2 m height and maximum weight of 13 tons.

  • Our two welding columns for
    cladding of Inconel and other materials, cover dimensions from 3 m OD by 2,5 m height down to 26 mm ID.
  • The two heat treatment furnaces for overlay welding covering respectively 4 x 4 x 3 m and 1 x 1 x 1 m calibrated to 800°C.
  • We also have a number of certified procedures for welding/cladding.

Assembly & testing

Our in-house assembly and testing facilities are built to meet the extraordinary quality and efficiency requirements of the oil and gas industry. As an example our pressure testing equipment can run tests up to 33000 psi. This should be sufficient reassurance for all other industries that we can meet their requirements and demands.

Material acquisition

A global network of suppliers and customers has helped us develop highly efficient and capable acquisition skills. We claim that there is nothing we can’t get hold of faster and cheaper than our competitors.

FSi member

Norse is an FSi (Forsvars- og Sikkerhetsindustriens Forening) member. FSi is a focal point for foreign contractors seeking cooperation with Norwegian companies in relation to Norwegian defence procurements abroad and international collaborative programmes. FSi, advocating the interests of the Norwegian Defence and Security Industries, is the primary interlocator for the Norwegian government in matters of importance to the industry.


Norse is also a member of ALLOYANCE, a network consisting of 16 Norwegian advanced mechanical enterprises with extensive experience as suppliers to the oil and gas industry in the North Sea.