A one-point-of-contact philosophy

A thousand years ago, Norsemen’s strategies on the battlefield made them stronger, even when outnumbered. A mutual understanding and the knowledge of belonging to a collaborative community, was a recipe that worked. The sharing of ideas was paramount to success.

In Norse we have a one-point-of-contact philosophy ensuring understanding, flexibility and productivity and take great pride in delivering on time in full accordance with the customer’s requirements and expectations.

Our services and capabilites include machining, welding, assembly, testing, threading, chicksan rental and maintenance, in addition to drill pipe, casing and tubing threading, storage and handling.

Our facilities in Risavika by Stavanger, Norway, cover at total of 7000 sqm in addition to 60000 sqm of outdoor storage capacity.

We hold a number of licences and certificates in addition to being quality certified in accordance with ISO and API-standards.

The inspiring triquetra

Our logo is inspired by the triquetra, an ancient symbol for trinity used by many cultures, including the Norse. It was sometimes used as a magic symbol and as a symbol of protection from the gods. To us it to signifies the strong and often magic relationship between our customers, suppliers and ourselves.

HSM – High Speed Machining

Norse is part owner of HSM, a major supplier of small machining work. Their machine park consists of ten CNC-controlled machines with a working range up to Ø 800 mm and working lengths of 5000 mm or five meters.

(link to www.hsm.as)